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Difficult waste streams are material types where the solutions regarding sustainability and circular applicability are not obvious. I am regularly approached by industries with the question if I see solutions to use a certain waste stream in a sustainable way. I tackle these challenges because I am convinced that there is always a suitable solution to be found.

About me


It has been 13 years since I drove through the country as a buyer of metals and iron for my employer. During this period, I learned a lot about the recycling industry, and discovered that waste does not exist. In this period I also saw my strength, and that was to bring companies and people in contact with each other. In this period I also came into contact with circular entrepreneurship, which really appealed to me. My green heart saw opportunities here, and that was the birth of InHaCom, a company that is committed to and thinks along with. What is crystal clear to me is that issues can only be solved in cooperation and that is what I stand for, and this is what InHaCom is all about.